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Map of the human rights violations in Crimea is the online instrument, which reflects the current situation with human rights in Crimea – Ukrainian peninsula, occupied by the Russian Federation in 2014. Since the occupation the situation with human rights has deteriorated significantly: local authorities encourage massive abuses which include kidnapping, unlawful detentions and execution of violence against certain groups of population. Crimean Tatars – the indigenous Muslim population of Crimea, who openly spoke out against the occupation and who comprise the minority of Crimean population– also suffer from persecution.

This map systemizes the facts of such violations, reported by mass media and human rights organizations. The map is interactive and is updated regularly. As of today, the map shows cases of human rights violation.

Map of the human rights violations in Crimea is the project prepared by NGO “Crimea SOS” with support of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ukraine. Partners of the project are Crimean Human Rights Group, All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “Right to Protection”, Centre for Civil Liberties.

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